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"An ambitious and lush tale set during the Civil War and Reconstruction." -- Kirkus Reviews In “the city that reads,” where Ravens are heroes and the rage, a Baltimore Post-Examiner headline declared: “Gripping Saga of Isaac Rice, a Runaway Slave, is a Hero’s Journey.”
This western style ballad is Charlie Waco's powerful and soulful salute to Buffalo Soldiers - unsung, but unforgotten heroes.
Heroes and Buffalo Soldiers Isaac, Caleb, and Tom ride to the rescue in 1876 and bring Christmas joy to a small boy on the western frontier at Fort Concho, Texas.
Due to lack of police manpower in 1862 New Orleans, hero Francesca is forced to find and punish the man who murdered her lover and kidnapped her best friend. Can her wit and charm overcome a killer? (A prequel to First Dark.)
What motivated James Darby to sacrifice his life so that Isaac Rice could live? (A prequel to First Dark.)
In the 1940s, heroes Will and Dena defy class norms and racists in their small North Carolina hometown. Later, Will wages a fight for the right to fight enemies of the United States in World War II protecting pilots and planes of the famous Red Tails.
Hero and Buffalo Soldier Private Fillmore Roberts defies death on a cold December day in 1867 to deliver mail to 10th Cavalry Regimental Headquarters at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory.