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The Laced Chameleon Front Cover

[The Laced Chameleon] is filled with New Orleans culture and 19th century customs and race issues… contains many excellent scenes of conflict… An intriguing read.

Writers Digest

[In The Laced Chameleon,] Francesca’s world is vividly portrayed… this is an engrossing saga that depends on one woman’s cleverness and ability… [Francesca is] a believable, living protagonist whose concerns and approach to life are well grounded in the politics and social mores of her times… It’s rare to find a historical mystery so [conversant] in the flavors and atmosphere of the antebellum South. [The Laced Chameleon is] a historical murder mystery that’s more than light reading!

— D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

In The Laced Chameleon, author Bob Rogers demonstrates his gift for storytelling while using his historical plots to teach readers about race, politics, and struggle in America.  A reader can’t go wrong with this Great Read! Heroine Francesca Dumas indeed is a “Laced Chameleon.

— Brian H. Settles, Author of No Reason for Dying

The Laced Chameleon…is a suspenseful, compassionate and perceptive reflection on race, identity, and the multifaceted history of New Orleans.  I am hoping that this would be the beginning of a Francesca mystery series. I recommend this book to readers of historical fiction who enjoy a mysterious unscrambling of history.

— B. Jackson “avid reader”

The Laced Chameleon is a well written murder mystery [that] has been carefully researched…it had me turning pages as fast as I could.

— J. Donahue, Retired Naval Officer

…good reading for all ages, from teens to seniors. It is filled with historical facts, mystery, and vivid descriptions of people, places, and events [of 1862].

— E. McKenzie

…an engaging historical novel with inter-generational appeal…a deeply satisfying, front-row-center, literary experience.

— A. Battiste, Librarian

I cannot wait to discuss it in my Literary Club, and it would be fantastic to see a movie made of it.

— L. Fox, University Faculty Senate President

This book did not disappoint! I like stories that are set during the Civil War and found it to be a very enjoyable read without being overpowered with war details.

— M. Sues

I read [The Laced Chameleon] while I traveled to the Dominican Republic. I truly enjoyed it. I loved the characters, I learned a great deal about the customs of the time …well done.

— Jill C.

I really enjoyed The Laced Chameleon. The fact that the story is set in New Orleans with such rich history during the Civil War was also a great learning experience for me. Francesca, the detective, proves with her determination, that neither her current position nor her limited resources would prevent her from solving a murder mystery. Great Read!

— K. Robinson