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This month, Books by Bob Rogers (BBBR) and advisors launched a crowd funding campaign via the internet website Kickstarter to raise $4,776 in just twenty eight days.  The purpose of our campaign is to raise funding we need to launch a set of three scholarly historical novels that promote education, property ownership, and entrepreneurship.

 First Dark and Prequels
First Dark and Prequels

Together, these three novels entertain, educate, and highlight successful entrepreneurs.  For this reason, the novel, First Dark, is already used by the United States Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York to encourage entrepreneurship.  Examples, based on former nonfictional slaves (Hiram Young and Benjamin Montgomery) who created successful businesses, are highlighted in First Dark. In these novels, ordinary people’s stories of living and loving entertain and educate students, seniors, military, teachers, inmates, and other readers.

We now have a limited window of opportunity to raise the funds we need as we must decide whether to commit fees to a convention of 20,000 attendees, two bookstores, and a library in New Orleans by June 1.  As some of you know, our first novel was published five years ago as the great recession was getting underway. Our funds are obligated for editing and production.  Traditional financing opportunities are limited.  So, we decided to think outside the box for ways that we could raise the funds we need to complete this project and came up with crowd funding.

For those of you not familiar with crowd funding, it is a new method of funding that public_htmled during the recession.   As you know, it’s not unusual for a businesses (especially publishers) to seek investors to help fund their projects.  Crowd funding is a bit different from traditional investment funding.  Instead of looking for one big “investor” we are inviting the entire community to “back” our project.  While not seeking a large sum of money, we are hoping to get lots of small pledges that will add up to the dollars needed.  In place of an exchange of equity (which is not allowed by the SEC right) we are offering valuable rewards.  Instead of being called “investors” people and businesses that support our campaign are called “backers.”

I want to stress that we are NOT asking for DONATIONS.  We very much want to reward those who pledge. We have set up rewards that offer a fair exchange.  For example, if you pledge $5 you can get an ebook that has a retail value of $6.99.  It’s a pretty sweet deal since you will probably want to buy the book anyway.  Higher pledge levels maintain the same fair exchange principle.  What your pledge does is it gets us the money we need NOW to complete our launch in exchange for valuable rewards you can enjoy at your leisure.   Our campaign has been described as “BBBR’s prepayment plan!”

We invite you to make a pledge and back our project.  There are a number of reasons why we want to launch in New Orleans  and we hope that one of those reasons might motivate YOU to pledge.  First, here’s your opportunity to support American would-be-entrepreneurs by sharing our Kickstarter campaign with your family, friends, and colleagues.  Second, BBBR is also a well-established business with a good reputation.  Our success might encourage other authors to include an entrepreneurial theme/thread in their works.  Finally, BBBR is a strong community supporter.  We work hard to promote students in our local community. From time to time, we present classroom lectures in local high schools and universities.

Classroom Chat

Classroom Chat

If you would like to pledge to our project here is how you do it.  Go to and type “The Laced Chameleon” (the title of our book set in New Orleans published in March 2014) in the search box. This will bring up our campaign and lists all of our great rewards.  When you pledge you will also be listed as a Backer on the Kickstarter website so people will know that you have supported this project.  The amount you pledge will be kept private.

We only have until May 30th to reach our goal!  If you are going to pledge we hope that you will do so this week to help us keep our momentum going.  We would also appreciate your sharing news of our project with others.  We need to get the correct information out there.  For our Kickstarter campaign to succeed it has to be correctly understood by our reader community and needs to go viral.  The clock is ticking!  

Finally, you may be wondering what happens to your pledge if we don’t reach our goal.  Absolutely nothing.  If we don’t reach our goal your credit card will not be charged.  All the pledges and rewards disappear and we won’t be able to launch at the big convention in New Orleans.  (How sad).  Our Kickstarter campaign is all or nothing.  After all, we can’t go half way to New Orleans if we only raise half our goal.

If you have any questions, please call Bob at 704-968-8047 or email him at [email protected]   Thanks for your consideration and for all the support you have given us over the past five years!  We would not be in business today without the support and friendship of our reader community.


Bob and advisors of BBBR

Charlotte, North Carolina

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Here’s a video that shows how pledges are made on Kickstarter:

How To Pledge On Kickstarter