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Several weeks ago, I published a new novel, The Laced Chameleon.  My fourth book, Sacrifice at Shiloh Church, is scheduled for publication in June.  These two books are prequels to my highly acclaimed novel, First Dark. 

The Gripping saga of Isaac Rice is a hero’s journey. [Don’t] be surprised if First Dark ends up as a popular mov-ie. It’s also a darn good read.  — Baltimore Post-Examiner

My characters are ordinary 19th and 20th century people who live and love amid the turmoil of their time.  The lives of Isaac, the Buffalo Soldier; Francesca, of lace, gowns, and extravagant balls; and James, the Englishman, illustrate intertwined lives formerly separated by America’s inane insistence on race, class, and chaste.  Race matters in America.

We are at a time in history where we could use some reflection on our practices and actions from the previous centuries up until the present moment. […] artists and creators […] can expose those things to us, showing it from a whole new perspective. – March 2014, Marc Zorn, CEO, Vision Launch.

I’ve had a life-long fascination with the lives of ordinary people who performed extraordinary deeds during the public_htmlment of our adolescent nation between mid-19th century and the Great Depression.  Inspired by a painting created by the late artist-historian, Don Stivers, I set out to provide a name and a life behind the face depicted in Don’s “Proud to Serve.”  Twenty years later, I published my second novel, First Dark, giving voice to Don’s character and ordinary people of this great land – African, Apache, Cheyenne, European, and Mexican. Because of its balanced storytelling, First Dark is used by the United States Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York to encourage entrepreneurship based on former nonfictional slaves (Hiram Young and Benjamin Montgomery) highlighted in the book who created successful businesses. Right now, I’m working on securing funding via the Kickstarter platform to extend the reach of positive, but little known, role models in my books.

It’d be great if you would consider writing a social media post about my project, sharing it with your family and followers, or even donating.

Concurrent tasks are underway to secure several venues for the launch of a multi-book book tour in several Southern cities, but most especially in Francesca’s native New Orleans.  The tour should become self-sustaining after New Orleans.

The two novels and the novelette were meticulously researched. They identify nonfiction characters and have bibliographies on my web site.  At every opportunity, I use my books to entertain while educating.  More importantly, after the dust settles on the discoveries, action, humor, tears, and romance in my books, I want readers to again realize that we are all “the other” and we are really more alike than different.

In my tiny Kickstarter video, hear me discuss The Laced Chameleon project.  Please see my blog and excerpts from my books for examples of my work.

There are rewards for various donations to my project.  In short, rewards are books, limited edition signed Chameleon posters that include Francesca’s portrait, and me as a lecturer/performer.  Details are located here.

The editing and production costs for the novels are already paid.  What remains to be done are the professional editing and production of the novelette ebook on multiple platforms.  Those expenditures will be dwarfed by the expenses and fees for venues and travel in the launch of the book tour.  One potential venue is before a convention of 20,000 attendees.

This is an all or nothing campaign.  In other words, if I fail to meet my project fundraising goal I get nothing – zilch, zero.  No pledge is too small.  Those who pledged contributions will not proceed to make payment and there will be no rewards.  Of course, I look forward to a successful campaign.

Thank you very much in advance for any way you chose to join or participate with my launch team.

Link to my Kickstarter page.