An Exclusive Interview with Singer and Songwriter Charley Waco


Charley Waco

Charley Waco

Hi, Charley Waco.  Buffalo Soldier Sentinel Ezine welcomes you and very much appreciates your willingness to share with our readers.  BSSE joins with all those who honor the memory of Buffalo Soldiers in thanking you for your powerful new “Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier.”

BSSE: Okay, Charley, let’s begin.  When did you first realize you wanted to be a singer?

CW: Well, I can remember as far back as the second grade asking my teacher, Mrs. King, if I could sing a song or two for my classmates during our daily rest periods.  It really made my day when she gave me the ok to do it.  This was when I knew I wanted to sing for the people.

BSSE: How long does it take you to write a song?

CW: That all depends on how the song comes in. For example, one night I dreamt I was on the stage singing a song that was really kicking.  Well, the song was hitting so hard that the beat woke me up and within the next thirty minutes or so, I had the complete melody down and all the lyrics written out on paper.  Another time, I heard a new song on the freeway headed to a gig.

It took me two or three days to complete this one because of all the distractions we have to deal with while we are awake.

BSSE: What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

CW: When the new songs come in, it’s like listening to the radio. It’s like I hear the song playing in my head.  There really is no schedule to speak of.  It’s really cool you know?

BSSE: What would you say is your interesting song writing quirk?

CW: I have found that I have to be in a good place mentally before new songs start to play in my head. You know, like I have to be in a peaceful physical environment or in a deep sleep.  That’s when I am most creative writing songs.

BSSE: How do songs get published?

CW: To get a song published it has to be written in proper format, copyrighted, then marketed properly to a mass audience.

BSSE: When did you write your first song and how old were you?

CW: I remember writing my first song when I was about six or seven years old.  This happened during the time I was doing my second grade rest period shows.

BSSE: (Laughter) What do you like to do when you’re not writing or singing?

CW: I really enjoy listening to good music that other artist put down.  In my opinion, there’s nothing like listening to a real good song.  I spend quite a lot of my spare time on the internet monitoring current news events and doing social networking. For physical activity, I enjoy swimming and playing tennis.

BSSE: What does your family think of your singing?

CW: My family members are all big fans, they really dig my music!

BSSE: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your songs?

CW: One thing I have learned from writing songs is this.  There is a whole lot of information floating around out there in the empty void and our minds are capable of tuning in to these signals, downloading the data / information, then, recording it for later access.

BSSE: How many songs have you written? Which is your favorite?

CW: It’s hard to say exactly how many but I’d have to say I’ve written at least 40 or more and of those 40 songs, the “Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier” is my favorite.

BSSE: Do you hear from your fans much? What kinds of things do they say?

CW: Yes, I get fan feedback regularly.  I communicate with my fans in person, by email and by phone. I guess what I hear the most from them is how the lyrics in my songs tell true to life stories and how my songs seem to keep playing in their minds even after they have turned off their CD players.

BSSE: Do you like to create songs for adults?

CW: Yes.  If I like the song that’s coming in and it tells some kind of good story, I try to put it together in hopes that not only adults, but everybody will enjoy it.

BSSE: What do you think makes a good ballad?

CW: In my opinion, in order to qualify as a good ballad a song has to tell a real human interest story about the struggles/life and times of real people.  A good, sentimental melody is also needed.

BSSE: Why did you write “Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier?”

CW: I wrote “Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier” after I realized the fact that the most popular song written in tribute to American Buffalo Soldiers was a Reggae song written by Bob Marley titled: “Buffalo Soldier.”  After taking into account what the American Buffalo Soldiers had gone through on the battlefield and the inhumane treatment they faced when they returned home, I felt that a western flavored song/ballad was needed to properly honor them.

BSSE: Where and when is your next appearance?

Right now we are in full production mode.  That is to say, “We’re putting the shows together right now to help promote the new music we have just released.  We should be ready to hit the road in late November playing on through Christmas and throughout the New Year.

BSSE: Okay, Charley.  You get the last word.  Where can your fans find you on the web?

CW: I’ll be launching my new website in October, 2012. In the meantime, fans can like me on Face Book by typing CharleyWaco.BuffaloSoldier in the Face Book search window. They can also email me @: [email protected].

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