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cover first dark

Buffalo Soldier Isaac Rice and the women who love him struggle to make a life against determined enemies amid the violence of the U.S. Civil War, Indian Wars, America’s Reconstruction period, and spillover bloodshed from a Mexican Revolution.

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cover james darby

While serving General Grant, the violence of cavalry charges in 1862 against Confederate foes riding for Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest made a skilled soldier of the Englishman, James Darby.  In First Dark, James became friends with protagonist Isaac Rice.

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cover will and dena

In the spring of 1943, Hitler and Mussolini were near the apex of their powers.  Will, an amateur baseball player and US Army solider, and his beautiful head-strong co-ed bride fight to overcome classism, racism, fascism, and Nazism.

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Photo (c) Bob Rogers

"Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier "

by Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier


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ballad cd

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"Ballad of the Buffalo Soldier "

by Charley Waco/Buffalo Soldier

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Francesca Dumas: A Black and White Spy


Bob Rogers

A Prequel to

First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier's Story

Francesca fled her native New Orleans for Indian Territory. At first sight, her choice for a husband was Buffalo Soldier Isaac Rice.

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Christmas story

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