Isaac, whose parents' love story is told in "Stono River,"

makes a harrowing 1863 escape from slavery.

Buffalo Soldier 1866-1882. His 2,000 mile odyssey is epic.

Isaac's life is influenced by three women...


In the 1950s-60s, Carl ignores Alabama's message:

"Nigger, know your place!"

Shot down in Vietnam and later hijacked to Cuba,

Carl is an American hero. Fly with Carl in his story

and feel a pilot's stress, skill, and triumph.


In 1862, Francesca challenges New Orleans'

race and class constraints on women

and becomes a homicide detective.

She begins a relationship with Isaac in "First Dark."


In 1943, Dena defies her mother and

falls in love with the baseball player, Will,

great-grandson of Isaac of "First Dark."

Dena's family plans are upset by bigotry and war.


A veteran of the Mexican War

sacrifices his life

in place of James in 1862.

Years later, James meets the same challenge.

Coming in 2020...

Isaac's great-grandpa recites pre-revolution

family oral history and slave rebellions

by evening fires; Isaac's father runs afoul of the

plantation owner for the sake his love for Isaac's mom.

Dreams deferred?

Dreams shattered!

…telling our stories – lest our stories are co-opted and told for us by revisionists.

In America, Race Matters


Passing Our Stories

Tell our Stories

Passing our stories on.

Stories well told.

Stories that entertain to educate.

Historically correct, epic adventures are found here.

Native Peoples and Europeans, Africans, and Asians grapple with love, desire, hope, hate, loss, greed, grief, revenge, and forgiveness as they are forged in the crucible of our Great American Experiment.

Our series of action books and memoirs, beginning in the 18th century, set the cornerstone for the construction and reconstruction of the 21st century America we know today.  Know more…

First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier's StoryMy Blue YonderThe Laced Chameleon
First Dark: A Buffalo Soldier's StoryMy Blue YonderThe Laced Chameleon

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