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New Orleans, April 1862. For Francesca Dumas, the murder of her “contract husband” has changed her future from bright to

Undercover, rookie homicide detective Francesca becomes a chameleon in lace.

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July 1854, South Carolina.
Ella and Posey’s geriatric romance, a half-dozen years before Abe Lincoln’s inauguration, is swept up in the larger saga of two peoples, European immigrants, and African abductees. “De troubles Posey sees” in Two Rivers reminds one of Southern Gothic storytelling.

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“[First Dark]…is an impressive feat of historical fiction,…a sprawling work of love and warfare.” — Kirkus Reviews

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Carl Gamble, a premier airline pilot, has penned a remarkable memoir. Pilots have landed burning airplanes and pilots have dealt with hijackers. Gamble is potentially the first pilot to experience both.

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In 1943, Will Wallace, Jr. is a baseball star. He fights against America’s apartheid in baseball. The mother of his high school sweetheart, Dena, disapproves of their romance. Dena loves Will and defies her mother.

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…telling our stories—lest our stories are co-opted and told for us by revisionists.

North American Stories

Passing our stories on.

Stories well told.

Stories that entertain to educate.

Stories of the irrepressible human spirit.

Historically correct, we find here epic adventures.

Native Peoples and Europeans, Africans, and Asians grapple with love, desire, hope, hate, loss, greed, grief, revenge, and forgiveness in the crucible of our Great American Experiment.

Our series of action books and memoirs, beginning in the 18th century, set the cornerstone for the construction and reconstruction of the 21st century America we know today. 

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